Resort Babysitter Service The best smile in Okinawa.

Made by Their smiles

Family happiness began when the two met.
The best smiles of mom and dad makes whole family’s quality trip.
It should lead to a happy trip for the whole family.
Please choose World Kids for taking care of children’s time.
Please choose for me.
Let us help you to enjoy the only parents time.
If you can enjoy your adult time
A more wonderful trip to Okinawa
to start.

Safe and secure system

SAFETYSafe and secure system

Headquarters management / equipment / babysitter quality, etc. We are striving to strengthen the system from various fields so that children and parents can use the babysitter service with peace of mind.

Service contents

SERVICES Service contents

We will inform you about the flow of the day of childcare and the services that can be provided so that even customers who are using the babysitter service for the first time can make a reservation with confidence.
We also have a program for children to have a good time during childcare, so please check it out.

Sitter introduction

CARE GIVERSSitter introduction

With the motto of safety and security, World Kids has a versatile babysitter.Please take a look at each babysitter's "feelings for work" along with their profile.

PRICEFee structure

No admission fee / annual membership fee is required.We will guide you with easy-to-understand price settings.
Please refer to the model case and request a quote if necessary.

15,400¥ (tax included/English speak Sitter)
For individual use, a flat rate applies for up to 3 hours.
  • * If you use the service from 22:00 to 6:00 (basically within 3 hours) at midnight, an additional 3,960yen (tax included) will be added.
  • * Sitter transportation fee (1,100 yen (tax included) / person) will be added to the regular charge.