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Let us fulfill your travel dreams.

Offering fulfilling time for adult, and for children.

How does each spend the time? What experience will you have? What kind of growth do you have? Things that can only be done while traveling. Things you can do while traveling. Want to be together as coming with family. Share the valuable experience during traveling abroad. Even if you can come to a foreign country and would like to do something, you cannot do it if with your kids. What if you could be free from this? Perhaps, by experiencing the time divided into two, it may strengthen the bonds of the family. What is the time would cause a paradigm shift that would bring you a great growth.

What World Kids can do.

ベビーシッター 沖縄

The first “multilingual” babysitting service in the prefecture

  • Many multilingual babysitters such as Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish are registered.
  • ベビーシッター 沖縄

    More than 150 babysitters

  • Numerous qualified babysitters with childcare and medical care are registered. Please do not hesitate to contact us for sudden requirements.
  • ベビーシッター 沖縄

    “Yuima-ru spirit” hospitality unique to Okinawa

  • We will propose a plan that can provide those who are new to Okinawa and traveling with children for the first time with peace of mind.
  • ベビーシッター 沖縄

    Photo presents during babysitting.

  • Later, we will present you photos taken during babysitting. If you wish, we can also report your child’s condition at real time during childcare.(We recommend our customers to add World Kids official LINE account.)
  • ベビーシッター 沖縄

    Home babysitter service anywhere in Okinawa

  • This is a babysitting service that can be used for various occasions for those who come to Okinawa, such as family trips, work, and weddings. Childcare is provided at the customer’s designated location.
  • ベビーシッター 沖縄

    MICE (for corporations) childcare service

  • We provide daycare services according to the usage way of companies such as events, academic conferences, and conferences. Regardless of the number of children, we will handle the preparation and setup of daycare room equipment.
  • World Kids Daycare Plan

    Basic plan (each time)【Child & Baby Sitter】ベビーシッター 沖縄

    • It is a plan that prioritizes the enjoyment and safety of child. Babysitters can take your child to a park or beach, depending on parents’ wishes. If you are new to Okinawa or first family trip, we will make a plan that will give you peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us.
    • For 0-12 years old
    • Examples : Hotel rooms, hotel premise, kids space, park, tourist facilities, etc.

    Accompanying plan【family with baby sitter】ベビーシッター 沖縄

    • Our babysitter will go with your family to help to take care of your child. Then parents can enjoy the experiences and activities unique to Okinawa while staying close to their children.
    • For 0-12 years old
    • Examples : Diving, shopping, sightseeing, tour, park, business, etc.

    Experience Plan 【Child & Baby Sitter】ベビーシッター 沖縄

    • Local Okinawa babysitters will support Okinawa’s unique experiences and fun. We will also propose seasonal events and experiences. ※Advance reservation is required.
    • For 3 to 12 years old
    • Examples: Okinawa / Japanese culture experience, cooking experience, craft making, farming experience, strawberry picking, sea quasar picking, Acer, etc.

    Education Plan【Child & Baby Sitter】ベビーシッター 沖縄

    • There are more than 150 different baby sitters, and it supports multiple languages. For those who wish, we also offer plans to learn foreign languages and Japanese through daycare.
    • For 3 to 12 years old
    • Examples: Japanese language education, interchange with kindergarten children within the prefecture

    Wedding Plan 【Child & Baby Sitter】ベビーシッター 沖縄

    • It is a plan for customers who are wedding and photo wedding in Okinawa. A baby sitter will accompany you and will take care of your child from the ceremony to shooting and moving. Babysitters will help so that you are able to have wonderful memories with your family.
    • For 0-12 years old
    • Examples: wedding, photo wedding, honeymoon, attendance, etc.

    MICE (plan for corporations)【Children & Sitters】ベビーシッター 沖縄

    • We provide daycare services according to the usage scenes of companies such as events, academic conferences, and conferences. Regardless of the number of children, we will handle the preparation and setup of daycare room equipment.
    • For 0-12 years old
    • Examples: conferences, exhibitions, events, employee trips, incentive trips, etc.

    Service overview

    ベビーシッター 沖縄

    Acceptable age 0-12 years old.

    ※ Children who are 0 years old may not be accepted depending on the status of the conditions (age, time, location).
    ベビーシッター 沖縄

    Service area Okinawa main island

    ※Please contact us directly for remote islands.
    ベビーシッター 沖縄

    Operating Hours Minimum 3 hours to 24 hours 365 days

    If making a reservation in advance, early morning or late-night childcare will be accepted.※Please feel free to consult us as we may accept your request the day before or on the day.

    About childcare charges.

    【Service fee】
    ※ If two children at a time, the fee for second child will be 50% off from the above amount. ※It will take additional 1,000yen as a babysitter’s transportation fee.
    Usage fee (per child / Tax excluded)
    Child care hours Standard fee(1hour) Extension fee(15min)
    6:00~22:00 4,000yen 1,000yen
    22:00~6:00 5,200yen 1,300yen
    【About payment methods】
    For payment, you can choose the payment method from 1 to 2 below. 1. Advance credit card payment 2. Advance payment(paypal)

    Flow to use

    ①Inquiriesベビーシッター 沖縄

    ②Applicationベビーシッター 沖縄

    ③Quotationベビーシッター 沖縄

    •     ●Providing you with an estimate quotation to your application.

    ④Hearingベビーシッター 沖縄

    •     ●Listen to your child’s information based on the application details.

    ⑤Sitter selectionベビーシッター 沖縄

    •     ●Sitters are selected according to customer requirements.

    ⑥Advance payment ベビーシッター 沖縄

    •     ●Transmit or credit card

    ⑦ On the day of serviceベビーシッター 沖縄

    •     ●Our baby sitter will visit you at the specified date and time.
    •     ●Prior to start, the sitter will check following in about 5 to 10 minutes.
    •         └ Check the child’s condition and body temperature on the day.
    •         └ Check your belongings.
    •         └ Confirm emergency contact.
    •         └ For those who wish, we will send photos and pictures during childcare.
    • (in this case, babysitter and you will contact directly with LINE).

    ⑧Sharing childcare reportsベビーシッター 沖縄

    •     ●After babysitting, we will send you a childcare report.

    Regarding Inquiry / Reservation
  • Click each icon to call or email.
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