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Tanker UA experience

There is a traditional culture of Okinawa that families with children around 1 year old should definitely experience.

Its name is “Tanker YUA”!

"Tanka Yuei" is an event to celebrate one-year-old's birthday in Okinawan dialect.

It has been passed down from generation to generation as an important event to celebrate a child's first birthday, report to the ancestors, and pray for good health.

In the past, when living conditions were not good, there were very few children who survived to the age of one, so when a child turned one, there was a big celebration.

This traditional event still remains strong today and has become a big family event!

For this event, families, relatives, and friends gather in Okinawa to enjoy the main event, ``tanker fortune-telling (future occupation fortune-telling).''


How do you tell fortunes?

In tanker fortune-telling, items such as red rice, books, money, abacus, brushes, and scissors are placed several meters in front of the child.

We determine the child's priorities down to the last choice, and predict what kind of job they will have in the future and what kind of life they will lead.

・Sekihan I don't have to worry about what to eat

・Book Become a scholar

・Abacus Become a businessman

・Become a brush official

・Scissors, become good at sewing, etc.

Recently, in addition to the above, some families have placed tools related to their parents' work, or modern-style tablets (for creative work) (^^)

Leave your event support to us!

There are so many things I don't understand when I experience a traditional event for the first time...

But don't worry!At World Kids, we have three types of support that we are happy about (^^♪

1. Sitter provides full support during events

During the event, the sitter will take care of your child and explain the flow of the event.

Your sitter will become part of your family, supporting you and celebrating with you!


2. Arranging a dedicated photographer (*optional)

In order to create irreplaceable memories of spending time with family and friends, we will arrange for a dedicated photographer.

We will photograph not only the 1-year-old child who is the main character, but also the entire event and record memorable moments.

We will provide the photos you took after the event!


3. We provide Ryukyu clothing for children! (※Optional)

For the children who will be the main actors of the event, we will prepare Okinawan traditional costume "Ryusou".

Tanker Yue is an event that is held around the age of 1, so there is no rule that it must be held on the child's 1st birthday.

It's okay if your baby is almost 1 year old, or about 1 and a half years old already... (^^♪

During your trip to Okinawa, why not enjoy the traditional Okinawan events that are unknown to most tourists with your family?

Leave your precious once-in-a-lifetime event for your child to World Kids!


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