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Do you charge a membership fee?
No. We do not charge any membership fees.
Will you care under one year old baby?
We are targeting children aged 1 and over as a basic, but we could take care if a baby can hold one’s head up. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Can you take two kids at once?
Yes. Basically for 2 brothers, we send one babysitter to take care, but we would send 2 babysitters when we decide after confirming the children information.
How do you deal with injuries or other emergency case?
We take appropriate measures while seeking judgment from the person who completed ordinary emergency life-saving training at headquarters.
Do you have insurance?
Yes. We have contracted with Sompo Japan and we have covered up to 100 million yen of compensation insurance in case of emergency.
What would you do if the child would be in a bad condition during the service.
If the symptoms are mild, the service would be continued, but if the fever exceeds 37, 5 degrees or if we judge keep child is difficult, we will contact the parents to pick the child up.
Is it possible to request on current day without reservation?
Can I extend contract time on the day if it’s necessary?
No problem. The extention fee will be charged.
How about children’s meal?
We will serve the meal or dessert you have prepared, or we can take your children to a restaurant where you wish. The actual cost for the meal will be charged.
How can I apply?
You may register by phone, through e-mail or online.
How can I pay?
You can either make a payment in cash (we accept yen only) or with credit card in advance.


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