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Users GuideUsers Guide

Service Flow

Step 1Step 1Application
You may register by phone, through e-mail or online.
Step 2Step 2
We will send you an e-mail for confirmation.
Step 3Step 3
We will confirm about your child’s information for nursery.
Step 4Step 4
We will confirm your reservation, in case your plan has been changed.
Step 5Step 5
We will be at the designated location

Things that need to be prepared in advance

  • Passport(to verify your identification)
  • Extra clothes(2 to 3 sets)
  • extra diapers (2 to 3 more than usual)
  • UV cream (apply by parent)
  • Milk and baby bottleThermometer
  • Favorite toy, towel or something the child is accustomed to

Usage Note

◆Service Application
You may resister by phone, through e-mail or online.
◆Payment and the process on the day.
WORLDKIDS sitter will come to take care of the children at your designated location. You can either make a payment in cash (Yen only), or with credit card in advance.
◆Cancellation Policy
Users 3days before・・・・50% On the day・・・・・・・・100%
※Transportation expenses of sitter will be added to the fee above for cancellation within 120 minutes of the use day.


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