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Website policies

Thank you for visiting our website World Kids. This website is oparated by TRP Japan Inc., (hereinafter referred to our company).

To use our website, please agree with following terms of use. By using our website, we assure agreement with our terms of use. The term of use may be changed without any notice.

Terms of use

Article 1 (Name and Address)
Terms of babysitter (below protocol) refers to consignment and contracting of babysitter services and etc. approved by T.R.P. Japan Co. , Ltd. (Hereinafter collectively referred to as “this service”) The head office of “this service “ is located at T.R.P. Japan Co. , Ltd. 4-22-11 Shiozakicho, Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture and we provide “this service” in Japan.
Article 2 (Purpose)
“This service” babysitter, a parenting and education specialist, do childcare for infants and children (collectively called children) on behalf of parents while respecting parent’s “child rearing method” and “educational policy”.
Article 3 (Object)
Childcare from 1~12 years old is targeted at the designated location (residence, company, hotel etc.) according to the parents request.
Article 4 (Application and Management)
This agreement applies to all users of the service provided by the company. Moreover, we will manage and operate this service.
Article 5 (Service use)
In order to use this service, it is necessary to make an application by the form specified by us and to obtain approval of our company for the application.
Article 6 (Usage fee)
The service usage fee is composed of normal rate, premium rate, and optional fee. Travel expenses such as transportation expenses will be set as actual adjustment. For details, please specify “Baby sitter service fee table” (hereinafter referred to as “ price list”)
Article 7 (Application)
Application for this service is available on the Internet.
Article 8 (Available business hours)
This service will be provided from 8AM to 8PM. In addition, we may provide this service at other times depending on the situation.
Article 9 (How to Use)
  • ・Please contact us through application form, e-mail or phone for the date and time desired. We will contact you as soon as possible. However, in case of sudden use such as the previous day, sitters might not be arranged.
  • ・You can use the service for more than 3hours. After that costs will be added in 15 minutes increments. In addition, if you use less than 3 hours, the cost of 3 hours will still be incurred.
  • ・Please contact us in advance if you want to extend or shorten your use of time. Depending on the content of the change, separate fees may be charged.
  • ・We do not accept domestic work etc. during sitting to ensure the safety of children.
  • ・Fixtures necessary for sitting ( baby bottles, diapers, toys etc.), fixtures (instruments, detergents etc.) necessary for housekeeping operations are prepared by the customer and will be used for free.
  • ・Please keep your valuable (cash, precious metals ,securities etc.) in a safe place to avoid causing misunderstanding.
Article 10 (Reservation Change and Cancellation)
No charge will be incurred for reservation changes up to the reception time of previous week of the use day.
Please contact us by e-mail or phone when changing reservation. In addition, cancellation charge and surcharge specified in the price list will occur from outside reception hours on the previous business day to the day. Transportation expenses of sitter will occur for cancellation within 120 minutes of the use day.
Article 11 (Payment)
  • ・Please make payment by cash (Yen only) or credit.
  • ・Expenses incurred for first aid measures etc. Fee will be charged for the actual expenses.
Article 12 (Scope of Services that can be offered)
Depending on the situation of children, we may not be able to offer this service.
In other infectious disease not listed, we may provide this service at our discretion.
Article 13 (Usage fee)
The service usage fee is composed of normal rate, premium rate and option fee. Travel expenses such as transportation expenses are set as an adjustment of “actual expenses.”
Article 14 (How to Use)
  • ・Please apply by application form, email or telephone.
  • ・We may not accept depending on the disease name of the child involved, condition and situation of the child.
  • ・In case of medication, please submit a medication request form.
Article 15 (Interruption of This Service and Emergency Response)
If signs of significant changes in children’s condition appear while offering this service, we will suspend the provision of this service and request parents return. In that case, please return home as soon as possible. Also, if it is urgent, we will arrange for ambulance service without your permission.
Article 16 (Application of Insurance)
With this service, we take full care of duty to avoid accidents with the attention of good administrators to prevent the occurrence of accidents beforehand, but liability insurance is acceded in case of emergency. However, accidents due to force majeure, breakage of goods inside or outside the facility by children, or insurance payment such as injury or accident of a third party may not be paid.
Article 17 (Restriction on Offer)
  • ・Please understand beforehand that the provision of this service may be restricted due to reasons specified in the following items.
  • ・At the time of reservation , the circumstance of babysitter schedule not suitable.
  • ・At the beginning of sitting, when the child’s body temperature is 37.5°C or more.
  • ・Wherein medical history and judgment deem that ordinary sitting will be difficult.
  • ・When various warnings are issued and it is judged that ordinary sitting is difficult.
  • ・When it is determined that an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 3 or more occurs multiple times in a short time and ordinary sitting is difficult.
  • ・When the transport network becomes congested due to local heavy rain, etc. and unable to visit your home.
  • ・In addition, where it is judged that the safety of children and sitter can not be secured.
Article 18 (Medical Practice)
As a rule, medical services such as medications will not be performed in this service. In addition, when medication is to be administered, it is essential that you wish to include necessary information in the medication delivery request distributed by our company.
Article 19 (Substitution)
If this service is offered for a long period of time, the sitter may change. In this case, we require that the contractor pay the actual expense for the cost of substitution. ( such as transportation expenses etc.)
Article 20 (Disclaimer)
The company is not responsible for the damage caused by the reasons specified in each of the followings.
  • ・In providing this service, when the sitting must be interrupted due to the child’s history, the false state, or missing declaration of important matters declared by the parents. (In this case it will be cancelled and a cancellation fee will be charged.)
  • ・We will not be held responsible for any reasons in the event that a child not accompanied by the contract of this service accompanied or in the case of the contents of the request not included in the contract of this service.
  • ・Delay in arrival due to reason of force majeure or delay of co-transportation.
  • ・When an event that can not be attributed to a company’s responsibility, such as a disaster or incidents.
  • ・When delays of impossibility etc. occur in utilization of this service due to unavoidable reasons such as measures of public institutions such as courts.
  • ・When a situation such as war arises.
Article 21 (Confidentiality)
We do not disclose information about customers who we knew on providing this service to third parties.
This maintenance obligation contract will be the same even after the contract is over.
Article 22 (Matters not stipulated in this Agreement)
Regarding matters not stipulated in these Terms of Use, we respect the provisions of child welfare laws and other relevant laws and regulations, and we will negotiate with each other in good faith after consultation.
Article 23 (Change of Terms and Conditions)
The Company may revise these Terms and Conditions voluntarily. The amendment of these Terms and Conditions shall be effective upon posting the revised Terms and Conditions on the Company’s designated site, and the Member shall comply with these Terms and Conditions after the revision. Also, at the start of this service, we assume that you (contractor) have agreed to the contents of all of these Terms.
Article 24 (Judicial district)
This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the law of Japan and agreed to make the court having jurisdiction over the head office of T.R.P. Japan Inc., the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance if a dispute arises in court on this agreement.


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